Friday, October 22, 2010

Lead time and queuing time

RP, ERP in the early commitment of the orders, plans are important to set parameters. Most of the advance of the concept is easy to obtain. Queuing time (Queue Time) theoretical explanation of the ERP feel more mysterious, abstract and metaphysical are not sufficient to guide practice. ERP required textbook way, also need case studies of the device. This article talk a "device."

Ahead of many, mainly 2 large family, order lead time and production (manufacturing) lead. Order lead time is the sum of the following composition of lead:

Product Design Lead

Procurement Lead

Production lead time

Other treatments lead

Release lead

Among them, the production lead time can be further broken down into:

Production lead time

Production lead time

Demolition time

Wait time

Transit time

Queuing time

Most ERP software include at least the production lead time, production lead time, transit time, queuing time.

Queuing time is the work of the center workpiece to reach waiting time. In the work center to become the bottleneck of the process route, the queuing time arises.

When the technology to work on the center line does not match the processing capacity, the bottleneck will result, queuing time will result. Figure 1.

Figure 1

Work centers on the process line, although the matching processing capacity, but the number of product lines in the work centers on the process cross, the bottleneck will result, queuing time will result. Figure 2.

Figure 2

Work center queue time is often dynamic.

Yield fixed the dynamic, for example, generally the work center a batch / hour, the bottleneck work center 0.5 batch / hour, the processing of cases in the bottleneck work center queue time, batch 1 is 0 hours 1 hour 2 is approved, the first 3 batches of 2 hours 3 hours 4 is approved, ... ..., 8th is 7 hours.

At present most of the ERP software is only a static set of queuing time, textbooks should be based on historical data that averaging set. The above example, queuing time to take 3.5 hours. There are no more reasonable settings, we analyze the work center's calendar, work centers 1, 2 job centers, work centers should be 8 hours 4 calendars, work centers should be 16 hours 3 calendar. Otherwise, the work center 3 OEM products will queue full of workshops, full of plants. We look at the first four batches of 2 if the work center output in the first 5 hours, 3 in the work center queue processing 2 hours 3 hours, the work center 4 has been off work. 5th batch, batch 6, 7 approved, 8 groups of people, so we can say that 5 to 8 award award although a longer waiting time, but they use the "spare time." Now we get the arithmetic average queuing time is 1.5 hours ((0 +3) / 2). Since the 8th of 7 hours queuing time is the use of "amateur" time, queuing time is 0 hours, so we get the weighted average queue time is 1.5 hours.

Discrete manufacturing is not practical as the process type as a stable rhythm. Fluctuations in production, work in different parts machining line in the center stack, queue processing center will lead to fluctuations in queue length, using the above method, to the right time to the processing center to adjust the time line is necessary.

In essence, in the manufacture of discrete time queue is dynamic. Conditions for calculating queue is full time. However, existing ERP software bottleneck work centers on the dynamic queue time is very limited processing power, APS, and TOC theory is the way to solve this problem.

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"Dalian Sigma Elevator" use EastFax

Dalian Sigma Elevator Company Limited (SIGMA), formerly known as LG Elevator, is producing world-class elevator, parking equipment, escalators, pedestrian trails and other specialized lifting equipment based multinational company, is the world's largest lifting equipment company U.S. OTIS set up in China of the three components, one of Malaysia's annual export volume is equivalent to the country's total demand. SIGMA Elevator OTIS-LG, as the cause of the headquarters of China and its only overseas production base, inherited more than 30 years of world-renowned reputation and LG elevator technology, now more than 30 cities across the country with branches and offices.

SIGMA and its branches and offices of the fax is very much in the application EastFax, the fax status quo to be greatly improved and costs are greatly reduced, paperless business, information technology a big step forward.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

To build customer-centric value chain

Whether based on traditional EDI or the Internet, B2B e-commerce can help companies throughout the supply chain with all members of strengthening ties - from terminal suppliers, internal processes, to distributors and retailers. Printed product catalog, so that parties to the transaction under the stock or check online product orders will greatly simplify the business processes. Product configuration is also the manufacturer of concern. Software developers challenge is to establish a business based on the configuration, so that it can and websites, CRM and ERP systems integrate. This is a tall order errand, even if the software giant can not be resolved, but it is also inevitable.

Strengthen the supply chain visibility and increase the exchange with business partners, can help company to shorten lead time, such as, stocks fall work process that minimizes, predicted more precision, arranged Gengjiayouxiao, customer response to increased Dengyijilie Haochu degree.

Is on the B2C, Internet consumers the growing number of companies produce a number of nomadic tribes - from the largest to the smallest retailers, consumer goods and service providers - building his own company's website and through e-store for direct sales to customers. This is completely different with the B2B e-commerce areas.

Use their electronic storefronts, some manufacturers sell their products through value-added approach with customers to establish a common community. For example, will buy based on your previous record, set up you might like a list of books and music recommendations. Dell Computer will be based on your needs, to help you configure your computer to be purchased, and then secure credit card transactions, handle your order. This convenient, personalized service - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day - set up customer loyalty, which effectively keep a customer.

Does this mean that every SME should not wait for it to build your own website (to do so is based on "If I have my own website, they will come" assumption above)? Of course not. Instead, before you start an e-commerce project is to establish a B2B electronic store or a need to conduct a series of research work. Complex construction site may be an expensive investment.

Even now, although the Dell computer sales on the topped, sales also among the top spears, but they still need to separate reserved. The reason is that, if such a specific strategy for profitable e-commerce, we must do a certain amount of assurance. In addition to the initial investment, the company also must implement a lot of technology portfolio - often from outside the organization - to design and build websites, and to maintain and update.

Company to build a good web site, the first step on the successful site design, content, easy landing, content availability and interactive features such as analysis and research. The next step is to decide whether it will create value, return on investment, and further to achieve the company's strategic objectives. Value-based Internet strategy and the importance of customer value of the company, how can not be overstated. A failed site does not create a site worse than many.

Demand functions

In manufacturing, the concept of value chain is also advancing with the times, it is often for retailers and distributors on the demand for EDI and ASNs as well as legislative and other needs identified.

Today, the value chain was also the end user's preferences and needs, as well as a company driven by strategic goals. On the pursuit of profit for companies, a customer-driven value chain may be through high productivity and high market share ways to achieve sustainable development. To achieve these goals, companies are trying to reduce operating and inventory costs, streamlined production, reduced order fulfillment and escort the time, and maximize corporate profits and return on assets.

In order to build an effective value chain, will put technology process before and only from the perspective of business critical look at the problem. Overall, the basic steps in decision-making include:

Found the problem: the company's problem is excess inventory or WIP? Or raw materials or its bottleneck? Ineffective programs and lower resource utilization? Escort time higher than the industry average time? No matter what the problem is, companies must find them before the settlement.

Clear objective: to determine your company to solve problems in which the operation and business objectives can be improved, for example, lower inventory, less operating costs, higher turnover rates and order fulfillment rates, higher productivity and capacity, and higher returns on assets.

Rethinking business processes: the process for the poor, the company is not worth automating them. If you find some of the business processes that form part of the problem, there is a need to rethink and its recycling, to make them consistent with industry best practice.

The goal was checking process may include order entry, purchasing and inventory management, logistics (such as transport and handling) management, or data collection.

Check the areas in which technology can play a role: Based on the results of these three steps, identify the key processes that enable automation of IT elements to help the company better and faster customer service, the company more competitive, and let it reaches the pre-set goals.

Assessment of the technical program on the market: customer's functional requirements for the supply chain execution system, only the part, it addresses how to Qi manufacturer shipping the product to customer hands Wen Ti. In a scalable, enterprise systems, these parts can be priced separately, but in meeting the needs of a particular business, part as a whole.

Once a company's implementation of these steps, it is next on the need for stability and automation to the customer and the company who can bring the greatest value of the business processes. By increasing production speed and efficiency, better control of raw materials and resources to reduce costs, is an effective way to reduce the workshop cost. However, an integrated solution for the true value is able to service new markets, acquire new customers, as well as existing customers to innovative products and quality services to get the upper growth. This is why CRM and business intelligence to customer-centric solutions increasingly popular reasons.

Obtained from the IT business profit

In the use of technology to build the value chain, common-sense approach is often best - technology itself can never be a solution. In order to create value for the company, we have to be smart and strategic IT use will be most able to create value. Companies should be hidden in the technology from the core business drivers behind the set, and determine their best hope to complete the goal is. To do this, all the "do not do either full or complete" idea should stop.

In today's open architecture and the exchange of existing standards, the application integration and upgrades are possible. With a good solution, companies can implement only the modules they need, and to be the future business expansion and growth of the corresponding module in the add. Here, integration is the key, which is a single provider solution for greatest strength. Although the first-class solution is attractive, but it may be difficult to implement - and with the company's existing data and other information systems compatible, the more difficult.

But this does not mean that individual providers must be able to provide solutions to all problems the function modules. But if the supply of Shang choice with open standards and open architecture of the software, which will allow other third-party's 瑙e喅 program to integrate in certain processes Dian came on, and Gengduo process automation.

To build a successful stage

Once selected the program after IT, they should take time and effort to implement this program, and conduct user training. Many small organizations do not fully realize that enterprise applications are not plug and play solution. To ensure an effective IT infrastructure and IT implementation success, sufficient time for distribution, budget and internal resources (or outside, if needed) is essential.

Since most small and medium companies do not have enough experience within the available technology so with cooperation partners such as value-added resellers to assess needs, evaluate hardware and software necessary to implement the most valuable solutions, training end users to guide them how to use and maintenance, are of great value.

Business-oriented approach, the traditional supply chain into a customer-centric value chain, while a high degree of attention to ROI, is a good idea, as well as the use of technology, it will be a so transducer, integrated software solution will streamline processes, speed up the process of running speed, and enable organizations within and outside the organization who are in need have access to more information.


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Mold industry began to show radiation effects

According to statistics, the output value associated with mold industry sector output ratio of about 1:100, or 100 million yuan each mold about 100 billion can stimulate the development of related industries, known as the "golden key" of the mold industry, the overall development trend a reflection mirror of the development of related industries.

Mold industry began to show radiation effects

China's mold industry has achieved rapid development in recent years, China in 2005 dies sales of 61 billion yuan, up by about 25%. It is understood that our mold product structure was further become more reasonable, with a large high-tech, precision, complex, long-life mold of share from 20% to 30%. Also, some mold companies continue to improve the level of equipment, technology has improved continuously, production capacity has been strengthened, mold showing a new trend.

An industry of "radiation" and the Industrial Park to promote the construction of inseparable, mold growth began to build its own chain. China Die & Mould Industry Association executive vice president Cao Yanan introduced to promote clustering, and gradually form a reasonable division of labor, complete and perfect industrial chain mold close collaboration to promote mold and related areas as well as the development of manufacturing industry chain has become a trend.

Currently, many local governments recognize that the development of manufacturing tooling industry on the importance of the mold industry is further concerned that the construction of industrial parks in China mold is "heat" to start. It is understood, Ningbo Yuyao, Ninghai and the Kunshan, Suzhou Park has expanded in such mold; new industrial park is stepping up construction of mold, the mold industry in Chengdu to promote the establishment of the Office, Chongqing, Dalian, Shenzhen, Suzhou, which have a mold park; other Shenyang, Xian, Shanghai, Ningbo Beilun, Zhejiang Huangyan and other places are actively preparing for the establishment of die park. Some Hi-tech Park within the mold has been a considerable amount of business, as there are more than 40 high-tech zones in Tianjin Mould Company. The mold pattern of industrial parks will allow mold to establish the industry further escalation of radiation effects.

Automotive, IC significantly stimulate growth of mold industry

Mold industry and other related industries are mutually reinforcing, making mold industry constantly focus on new market demand to achieve their expansion, while the automobile industry, information industry has become a driving engine of growth mold industry.

The latest statistics show China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, domestic car sales in 2005 reached 5.9 million, ranks second in the world. China's auto consumption in 2001 has only 2.73 million, accounting for 4.3% of the global automotive market, while the proportion in 2005 raised to 8.7% this year, auto market will maintain a 15% increase in annual car sales will reach 640 10,000 to 6,600,000. Auto Parts This "cake" in the market bigger than the vehicle, because it support vehicle, used car maintenance, non-automotive engine supporting three areas, and provides international procurement, have predicted China's domestic demand for cars in 2010 components as much as 180 billion yuan. Deputy Secretary General of China Die & Mould Industry Association, Ke Qin stressed that more than 95% of them have to die to make. Such a huge demand for the market, will significantly drive components for the automotive industry to provide equipment industry, the rapid development of mold.

In the information industry in 2005, China's information industry will reach 1.14 trillion yuan, sales income of 3.4 trillion yuan, up 27%, mobile phone, color TV, laser disc, laptops and other major products increased by more than 30%. "During" the rapid development of China's information industry will continue, so our supply of IT will continue to die.

In addition, small household appliance market, agricultural machinery, food machinery, construction industry development will promote the rapid development of mold industry.

Equipment, standardization should scale new heights

Although China's mold industry has made great progress made great progress, but can not be avoided is that the overall level of China's mold industry is still relatively backward, and behind the advanced countries in general 15 years -20 years, also need to catch up.

In the mold industry, upstream and downstream sectors in supporting and processing equipment, mostly imported, while the machine is a weak link. Cao Yanan said processing equipment in 2004, machine tool imports about six billion U.S. dollars, of which application tool and die industry accounted for most of this is also reflected in this field have yet to be refueled. Deputy Secretary General of China Die & Mould Industry Association, Ke Qin stressed that domestic manufacturers should pay attention to the equipment manufacturing industry attention to the needs of mold industry, domestic equipment manufacturers such as Shenyang Machine Tool Group has been aware of the mold machine "value added" potential, focusing on the processing center, CNC machine tools and other equipment development and production. The machine towards high speed, precision, high-performance professional, systematic and complex in the direction of development of domestic manufacturers to bring new topics.

Field in the mold standard parts, domestic production has been large mold standard parts mainly mold, oriented pieces, red top, car oil guide plate mold, wedge, etc.. At present, China mold standard parts for use in mold coverage only 40% in Europe and the United States and other countries can reach 70%. Ke Qin pointed out that the industry standard to become the new trend of mold, die mold industry to expand the varieties of standard parts, to improve the accuracy, increase concentration of production to achieve mass production.

It is understood that show domestic mold industry development trend and the trend of the Eleventh International Mould Technology and Equipment Exhibition will be held May 8 in Shanghai. Qin Ke introduction, the size of the current international model show the best previous record, exhibitors will also break through 1200. Held in conjunction with the "advanced mold manufacturing technology symposium," German Die rich forums and trade activities will further promote technical exchange and die industry in domestic and foreign exchanges and cooperation, as China's mold industry in the coming year and bring new ideas for future development.

Mold industry related industries need to improve strength

"Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, China's mold industry will further adjust the structure, market development, strengthening management and improving the level of our country and die industry as a whole to a new level, but this does not just die industry, "a matter of . "

Mold industry and other industries can use to describe interdependent, and thus improve the overall level of mold industry and related industries are closely related. At present, China mold products mainly to middle and low-based, low-tech, high profile mold most to rely on imports, one of the reasons is because of lack of core technology related industries. If the field of IC packaging mold, because the overall level of the domestic IC industry, as well as foreign technology blockade why, making it difficult starting point IC packaging industry, the development of mold. Thus, in the IT industry, the automotive industry product demand driven mold growth, improve our country in the IT industry, the auto industry's overall strength is essential to win.

Tongling 3 Jia Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager of cotinine Yamada: toward automated semiconductor packaging mold

Semiconductor packaging requirements of the mold and die industry is: either the finishing mold, the present electronic products are continuously integrated, compact, high-end products tend to size is also smaller and thinner package body, which is packaging requirements growing, high precision mold.

Plastic molding process after the production of semiconductor devices is extremely important means of technology, single-cylinder general application packaging technology, the package object, including DIP, SOP, QFP, SOT, SOD, TR class discrete and chip tantalum capacitors, inductors , bridge circuits and other products.

Today packaging technology continues to develop. Die size, chip area and packaging area ratio of more and more close to 1, I / O count increased, pin spacing. Indispensable to the development of advanced packaging technology of electronic equipment, industrial molds, multi-injection of the first package mold (MGP), Automatic punching molding system, automatic packaging systems, high-tech new products to adapt to this demand, three good these products are launched .

Multi-injection head package mold (MGP) is an extension of single cylinder mold technology is now mainstream products packaged die. The multi-barrel, multi-injection head packages, balanced flow advantage is that it can realize the close-filled, high resin utilization, packaging process stability, product quality and good packaging. It is suitable for SSOP, TSSOP, LQFP and other multi-row, small pitch, high density integrated circuits, and SOT, SOD and other micro-encapsulated semiconductor device products.

Automatic punching molding systems are integrated circuits and semiconductor automation equipment after the molding process. High-speed, multi-functional, versatile development of the system can meet all kinds of molding lead frame carrier.

Semiconductor packaging mold the future direction of development is to be more accurate, more high-speed packaging molds - Automatic packaging mold development. Automatic molding system is integrated circuit packaging process after the high-precision, high-automation equipment. System set up multiple plastic work units, each installed module cassette MGP model, a number of units according to the preparation of the order package, the whole set of loading, loading, packaging, cutting, clearing model, in addition to plastic, to close material in one. The rapid development of technology abroad, have been a foil cover packaging, dispensing plastic technologies to meet all kinds of high-density, high pin count packages of products.

With the rapid development of microelectronics, semiconductors, plastic molding process after the application of technology continues to improve equipment, automation has become an inevitable trend. Three good as the first domestic mold industry companies, will keep a close eye in the world of advanced technology to speed up the process of e-mold-made.

Wuxi Sheng Mould Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhu Xiaobing: connector for high mold manufacturing

Connector as a port for transmitting signals in various industries such as mobile phones, computers, program-controlled exchange, home appliances, has been widely used. Foreign firms now account for the high-end connector market, domestic manufacturers still dominated by low-end, in part by the connector mold industry levels. Related to injection mold for the connector, terminal stamping, plating and so on, Guosheng stamping dies mainly to do terminal products, including mobile phone SIM card terminal mold, terminal die STOCK computer CPU socket, electrical type terminals molds.

Mold in the connector terminal, the domestic manufacturers to lower end of the main and country areas containing mainly for high-end. Guosheng current international companies such as AMP connector AMP, Molex, and other famous manufacturers supporting.

Connector on the mold manufacturing industry demanding: First, the need for high levels of mold design, the terminal because of different shapes, connectors have different structures, how to conduct the design is very important, if the irrational structure will lead to product failure . Second, high-precision equipment, connectors, terminal equipment, high precision machining requirements, foreign equipment precision can reach 卤 0.002mm, and general domestic equipment can only reach 卤 0.01mm. 3 is a good basis for processing technology. Mold needs a good connector design, equipment, technology the perfect combination of the three. At the same time, this equipment package of higher, technical barriers to higher Guosheng advanced CNC surface grinding, automatic optical curve grinding, Wire EDM, machining center, combination of devices for production.

Connector Terminal mold the future demand is increasing, this is the connector interface, small size, high data transfer rate trend 浣跨劧. So that the mold equipment, materials, quality requirements are higher, the use of the punch of red die speed has reached 500 r / min -3 000 r / min, which put forward higher requirements for mold companies.

Guosheng remained advantage is that: First, the ongoing investment in equipment, because the investment to purchase the most advanced equipment in order to introduce the highest level of technology, technology, research and innovation. At present the necessary connector tooling wire cutting, 4 axis machining equipment manufacturers in China have been manufactured, although the precision, stability, there is still a gap, but it is a good start. The second is to provide training to go out and inviting way, and constantly improve the standard of the country Sheng technology.

In addition to mold the connector terminal, the country's domestic air-conditioning heat sink containing mold, the motor dies, gun dies, integrated circuit die in the market are also popular. Guosheng planned 5-year period, among the top five manufacturers in the world die. In another 10-15 years, in line with the world advanced level.

Perspective: The mold industry should pay attention to digital innovation, network

China Die & Mould Industry Association executive vice chairman and secretary general Cao Yanan

China's mold industry's production capacity has been about for nearly 10% of the world total, ranking third in the world, behind Japan and the U.S.. But the technical situation is worrying than the level of mold technology behind many industrialized countries, the overall level of Germany, the United States, Japan, compared to lag behind about 15 years. How policy, pattern, technology, and enhance the ability of independent innovation of domestic mold industry as an important proposition mold industry.

In the innovation model, although original mold industry, integration and innovation of absorbing the main mode of three independent innovation, are also success stories, but the mold is a mechanical, electrical, optical, chemical in one of the high-tech technology products, CAD / CAM / CAE, high-speed machining, rapid prototyping, precision molding, super finishing, information network technologies have been applied and therefore are more suitable for integrated innovation. Of course, some of the original core technology innovation and the introduction of some technology absorption and innovation is also important.

To achieve breakthroughs in core technologies

Due to a wide variety of mold was used widely, it should choose the focus of innovation, the first break, lead the whole situation again. The next 5 years to 10 years, first in the market needs to be large, as in the present rely mainly on imports and can represent the direction of the car cover mold and large, precision molds for major breakthroughs. In order to rapidly improve the innovative capacity of China's mold industry and die design and manufacturing standards, a number of key technologies to break through, and applied in practical production. Mold industry around ten key technology, integrated into two major projects:

1. Mold design and manufacturing of digital technology and network services platform development and application

This includes the future direction of the industry leading die mold design and manufacturing of digital technology (including modular, integrated, collaborative design technology) and network reported that two aspects of service platform, to integrate the main innovation will be applied to innovation production, to increase the overall level of mold and core competitiveness and reduce mold production cycle, reduce production costs such purposes.

2. Car large sophisticated research and development and manufacturing of mold

This is a requirement for the rapid development of automobile industry automobile environmental protection, energy conservation, safety and lightweight, and cars need to import large quantities of mold conditions proposed. We need high-strength plate heating and plastic forming process and die and die forming technology to conduct innovative research areas, and the results used in the production, so hot Chengxing mold to fill the gaps, plastic forming molds to improve the level of change in the current import large quantities of controlled by others situation, in order to adapt and promote the development of China's automobile industry.

The key technology industries covering most of the major areas of mold, and more are common technologies, breakthroughs can be widely applied in the industry.

In policies and measures to guide

To improve the mold industry, capacity for independent innovation, industry and business in addition to their positive efforts, need the support of all parties. Particularly relevant government departments to actively guide and vigorous support to the more important.

First, government departments should work out relevant policies, strongly encourage independent innovation capabilities. First, establish a special fund to support innovation have a significant impact to improve the key technology research and development and research; the second is related to corporate income taxes, loans and so promote the use of the units in R & D investment; 3 is to guide the local government increased support for the mold industry, and promote the protection and support of local government introduced a number of local enterprises and the molds of preferential policies for technological innovation; Fourth, the development plan, rationalize, and setting reasonable coordination mechanism to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Second, the existing national key laboratories and engineering centers to enrich and improve the same time, proposed the establishment of stamping die mold National Engineering Center and State Key Laboratory of Materials.

Third, establish a national technology development center mold industry and product testing center, strengthening the development of mold and die technology product quality testing.

Fourth, strengthening personnel training. Talent is the basic guarantee of independent innovation, suggest that in support of the establishment of a training of teachers and senior personnel, especially in creative talent targeted technical training centers nationwide die while actively for Foreign Intelligence.

5, give full play to trade associations and other intermediary organizations.

Mold industry in the future development goals by 2010, large, sophisticated, complex technologies such as high levels of mold in the proportion of high-grade from the current 30% to 40%; mold exports reached more than 1 billion U.S. dollars; mold to achieve the comprehensive level of Asian art level. 2015, making China among the mold into power.


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wave of mergers BI have a happy life

IBM, Oracle, SAP and other international software giant's acquisition of the BI vendors to the industry on BI is full of conjecture. Approached the BI vendors, especially in the domestic small and medium BI vendors, we are trying for the reader paint a map of their living conditions.

SAP, Oracle, IBM, HP and other international giants one after another to become the leading BI M & A news.

IBM, Oracle, SAP and other international software giants on the BI (business intelligence) vendor mergers and acquisitions for the BI industry is full of conjecture. Then the internal BI vendors, especially small and medium survival of the current state of BI vendors is like? Struggling in pain, or happiness to live? This survey, we approached these BI vendors trying to paint a reader of their current state diagram.

Start Profit

"From the second half of 2006, many BI companies one after another profitable." Chinese business intelligence portal chinabi editor of coke a chapter told reporters. chinabi BI enterprises have registered hundreds of large and small, focus has chapters often communicate with these companies. He found that some of the BI set up before 2012 are doing now fast, and millions of dollars in annual revenue of more than a lot of small companies.

Interviewed a number of BI companies have also said they now life's not bad.

Deng Xinping, general manager of Guangzhou Fei Naite told reporters: "Since 2006, our day is obviously better than the." Actually, Fei Naite in 2004 on the realization of the profit, once the middle of too much money because the project advances lead to funding constraints, was introduced as a strategic partner of South East Combination. October 24, southeast of intermediation will Feinai Te pack, successfully listed on the New York Stock Exchange, raising nearly 200 million U.S. dollars. Fei Naite suddenly become rich and powerful.

"Companies from 2000 to 2004 has been a loss to the flat in 2005, since 2006, growth performance has been beyond imagination." Guangzhou is still South Technology Co., Ltd. Business Manager Chen Wei unwilling to disclose the business order of magnitude. But he told reporters that the number of agent technology is still the South in 2004 has only 4 to 5, 24 in 2006, this year has reached more than 50.

Analysis of reasons for better days, there are chapters that focus first with the large market environment. According to him, from the second half of 2006, telecommunications, finance, and demand began to pick up on the BI, while a number of BI vendors is by the survival of these large industries. "BI vendors is the most difficult after 2005. At that time the telecommunications, finance, and interest on the BI sharply, many companies who could not go on, benefits like the Oriental group, established as such by the telecommunications companies to be eating away a. "Zhang Jiao has said.

Zhao Wei, vice president Southeast intermediation that Chinese companies will inevitably come to BI information construction phase, "the financial and telecommunications and information data after completion of a large concentration we need to help their play data meaning." First special account, Greater China CEO Dr. Zheng Zhengzhong also said that ERP has now gradually spread in China, collected the data necessary to find tools for analysis, which gives the BI market opportunities.

In addition, This time the market rebound also benefits from business users are increasingly accepted concept of BI. BI in government, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, distribution and other industries of the first applications and also played an exemplary role. Plus two years before the winter out of a number of BI companies, companies that survived stiff upper lip, did not rebound in the market and its many rivals to snatch the market, which enjoy more fruits of victory.

"With the increase in successful cases, and Chinese enterprises to deepen understanding of the BI, I believe the next few years will be more rapid growth in this market." Cheng said center.

M positive

Frequent this year, the international software giant's acquisition of the BI vendors send a kind of market signals? The Chinese market and the impact of small BI vendors do?

"M & A at least tell you that after using the ERP, but also BI tools such information to help complete construction of the 'last mile'." Fixed Head of Beijing Aowei Chi Bin Zou said, "BI is promising, or else the software Costly acquisition giant will spend it how? "

Cheng center also believes that since the BO, such as an independent BI vendor Hyperion, after the acquisition, they will lose the openness of the customer more and more narrow scope, "that many manufacturers are using BO come to us, we have chance. "

Zhang Wei, director of technology marketing is still the South, told reporters that small companies are not generally very technical characteristics prior to the acquisition, once acquired, in general, large companies will slowly be to "melt" away, losing characteristics. He believes that leading companies were acquired in the market in order to win the BI technology enterprises are few, and this highlights the fact that the technical characteristics of the South yet, for many years yet to live up to the South of the BI almost paranoid R & D investment.

However, there are in the industry believe that, in the long run, the domestic M & A is committed to product research and development of the BI vendors are adverse to, "the giant BI products integrated into its products and going Hou 绾? competitiveness is not one or independent BI vendors to compete. " But in terms of enterprise users bad thing, because "do not bother BI from dozens of products and programs to compare and select the" there are chapters that focus.

"In fact, these acquisitions have little effect on the Chinese market because China's market is different from European and American market." Zhao Wei analysis, "BI vendors focus on domestic or domestic customers should be thoroughly studied, to provide them with the right products."

Well-Extension City

Optimism for the future estimates for all domestic BI vendors have begun to accelerate the pace of market development, Eight Immortals have done their best.

In the product already has the door to allow customers to take the initiative to find the strength to purchase based on the technology yet still lost patience South, began a large-scale search for agents, and even learning the practice of multinational companies, for the general software company OEM. South technology has currently set up in Beijing R & D and sales centers, "from 2008 onwards, we will be adding a huge marketing investment," said Chen Wei.

Products and projects as a proportion of 3:7 hybrid BI companies, so Deng Xinping proud of it Feinai Te powerful BI implementation capacity. Southeast Fusion and Fei Naite cooperation, both sides shared the background of resources, it has put cross-sell products and solutions to each other's customer base in. "The local users are familiar with and understanding of BI vendors is always the trump card in China. We will support Feinai Te bigger and stronger." Zhao Wei said.

銆??閭撴柊骞充篃鍛婅瘔璁拌?锛屼粬鍘熸潵鍦ㄤ笌鍥介檯BI鍘傚晢鐨勭珵浜変腑鏈?媴蹇冨搧鐗屽姏鍜岃繍缁寸粡楠屾瘮涓嶈繃瀹冧滑锛屽浠婁笂甯傚悗鏈変簡鍏呰冻鐨勮祫閲戝彲浠ュ幓寮ヨˉ杩欎簺鐭澘浜嗐?鍚屾椂锛岄倱鏂板钩鍙嶉┏浜嗕笟鐣屾墍璋撹彶濂堢壒琚苟璐悗锛孊I閮ㄩ棬灏嗚澶ц妯¤鍑忕殑浼犻椈銆備粬鍛婅瘔璁拌?锛屼粬浠笇鏈涙嫑褰曟洿澶氱殑涓撲笟浜烘墠銆?br />


銆??鈥滄垜浠噰鍙栧厛鐩撮攢鍚庝唬鐞嗙殑鏂瑰紡涔熸槸涓嶅緱宸诧紝鍥犱负鎴戜滑鍒氬垰杩涘叆涓浗锛岀煡鍚嶅害涓嶉珮锛屾墍浠ユ垜浠厛瑕佹妸甯傚満鍋氳捣鏉ユ墠鑳藉埡婵?ソ鐨勪唬鐞嗗晢鏉ヨ窡鎴戜滑鍚堜綔銆傗?閮戞涓憡璇夎鑰咃紝浠栨湁淇″績鍗栧嚭閲忔潵锛屸?20涓?濂椾笉璐碉紝鍗?000濂楀氨鏄袱浜垮厓浜嗏?銆?br />


Chinese Version Of Firefox: Firefox For Free To Watch Television With


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Friday, July 30, 2010

YouTube expected profit model

Sept. 8 news YouTube, despite the establishment of only 19 months, but has become the darling of the Internet video site. The video has reached 100 million, YouTube's success attracted other new startups and giant jealous, Microsoft entered the video sharing market, launched its own service; this summer, SKYPE and KAZAA also introduced a Venice project to become a YouTube killer.

In this hectic situation, people seem to forget that so far the video sharing is still a high investment, low profit, non-profit business. YouTube plans to launch a new business model, each user can put their own video content. It should create their own advertising, and plans to spread through the Googel and Yahoo.

YouTube monthly inputs from 900,000 to 1,500,000 U.S. dollars, most of the inputs to the server provider and broadband provider in the hands. As the YouTube video piracy issues are being addressed, if faced with legal proceedings, the cost will be higher.

More importantly, it faces a difficult problem, how to achieve profitability? YouTube can make money from this growth, while maintaining the user can expand. If the introduction of advertising, the user can be alienating. Given this risk, YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen of the advertising business is not eager to implement. In a two or three minutes of video in the tentative 30-second commercials running. YouTube in the development of a new model that allows advertisers to establish a video channel, or to place the home page of YouTube video content.

To open up new channels for advertising, logically possible, but in this competitive environment, how to seek avenues of cooperation? YouTube, Warner Brothers introduced the first branded channels, and promotion of new Paris Hilton CD. But for those who are not content businesses, another method is to build a theme-based management of channels. Or YouTube through technical means and in accordance with the user's browsing interest ads.

Another problem is that, YouTube does not help advertisers achieve the best video content. Gartner analyst Allen Weiner said institutions, YouTube could create separate channels to provide more professional video content.

So far, YouTube executives have been no positive stand on the advertising business. Company wants users to pirated content can automatically filter, for advertisers to establish a creative Fang Shi for community also faces great challenges, such as the film festival or to fund video competitions.

YouTube, a good beginning, but a new generation of mainstream sites and new start-ups than before, its impossible to have too much time to get into video services, real money.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Waste cartridge up to 5 times the false profit Canon ink cartridge recycling difficult

Toner cartridges in the ground in 1000 will not degrade, a drop of ink can be 60 cubic meters of water pollution. Canon began in 1990 around the world in recycling cartridges can be present, Canon (China) in China, collected only a few hundred.

Zhongguancun in Beijing, Tianjin Electronics Street, "high recycling cartridges, toner cartridges," the ads everywhere. It is understood that these discarded cartridges were recovered hundreds of dollars, but also renovated into a fake brand-name cartridges for sale, some up to 5 times more profit. Driven by profits, counterfeiting supplies despite repeated prohibitions.

As noted in statistics, the domestic market, original, generic, counterfeit supplies approximately 5:1:4 ratio of the three, counterfeit supplies almost half of the market.

In China, the consumption of ink is very alarming. Have statistics, in 2002 in China reached 26 million cartridges sold in 2004, China consumed 62.3 million and 17.8 million printer cartridges toner cartridges. Cartridges consumption rate of 30% per year increase, but the green ink only 1% recovery rate, a lot of ink and toner cartridges are directly poured into the garbage heap, or to be renovated and selling.

Now Canon, HP, Lexmark and other manufacturers had assumed a recovery mission, through stores and other retail channels to users free of charge recovery, but the cartridge is not optimistic about recovery. According to reports, Canon in 1982 developed the world's first cassette of a body, anyone can design a simple structure to replace cassette, obtained hundreds of patents. Canon's recovery has now spread to 21 countries, and achieved 100% Recycling.

From April 18, 2005 start, Canon (China) set up branch offices in 15 of 17 collection points. Recycling ink cartridges, toner cartridges were sent to Canon Dalian company to handle. But more than a year and only spent cartridges recovered hundreds.

Canon Dalian Company Ltd. Sugai ceremony, "said Canon's global recycling cartridges is as a whole lose money trading. But long-term consideration, the work had to keep the job."

In the U.S., Canon ink cartridge recycling a channel for people to pay the middle of one U.S. dollar, but in China, because the manufacturer is free recycling, many consumers prefer to sell several tens of dollars cartridge counterfeiters, do not want to return the green recycling factory. Insiders pointed out that people do not understand the green recycling pollution cartridge main reason for not ring true.

Sugai ceremony introduced the world Canon 4 cartridge set up recycling bases, Canon Dalian is the world's first recovery bases. Currently, through the cartridges, toner cartridges recycling by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in a total of over 240,000 tons, the equivalent of 545 square kilometers of natural forests absorbed carbon dioxide a year.

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